Changes or cancellation of your order must be submitted within 1 week after we receive your order.


Purchase orders may be submitted either:
A. Via fax on your company form to (262) 714-4340
B. Via email to orders@sisterbayfurniture.com You will receive an order acknowledgement within 1 business day of placing your order.
If you do not receive an acknowledgement or if you have any changes or corrections to your order, you must notify us within 2 business days. Orders processed and packaged for delivery cannot be cancelled.

Yearly gross sales of $10,000 or more are required to become and remain a Sister Bay dealer.


Lead times typically increase during busy spring and summer months. Please refer to your sales order acknowledgement for the estimated ship date.


Please contact customer service at (866) 947-7632 for authorization to return a product. Items which are returned in their original packaging and are deemed resalable will be credited to your account, less a 15% restocking charge. Any item which has been discontinued or has been assembled is not returnable.



Sister Bay Outdoor Living has determined that its interests are best served through the adoption of a minimum advertised price (“MAP”) policy. This MAP policy is designed to (1) protect reseller margins so that desirable pre-sales and post-sales services and infrastructure can be provided by our channel partners (2) support the Sister Bay brand as a premium offering; and (3) avoid destructive intra-brand channel conflict. This MAP policy is 100% of MSRP on the price sheet. Anything less than 100% MSRP is not permitted.


This MAP policy covers all Sister Bay internet sales located in the United States. Although resellers remain free to establish their own resale prices, Sister Bay will, without assuming any liability, unilaterally impose sanctions as described in this policy against resellers who advertise applicable Sister Bay products at prices below those specified herein. Sister Bay will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this MAP policy, as it is non-negotiable, and will not be altered for any reseller. Sister Bay neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with this MAP policy. Nothing in this MAP policy or in any other contract or agreement with Sister Bay shall constitute an agreement between Sister Bay and reseller that the reseller will comply with this MAP policy.


The current listing of products and applicable MAP prices are not published on Sister Bay’s website. The products and MAP may be changed from time to time at Sister Bay’s sole discretion. Sister Bay resellers are responsible for remaining current with MAP policy, products and pricing. All Sister Bay products are subject to the MAP policy. Each advertisement below the MAP will be a violation of the policy. The MAP policy applies to all advertisements of specific Sister Bay products in and all media including, without limitation, flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, Internet or similar electronic media, television, radio and public signage.


Sister Bay reserves the right at any time to modify the MAP policy in whole or in part.