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With Sister Bay Outdoor Furniture, we’re equipped to help golf properties like yours transform underutilized spaces. Inviting spaces can keep players and guests on your property longer, allowing them to spend more money with you and increase the likelihood of future visits.

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The difference is in the details. Discover how to power up your outdoor dining and patio spaces around your clubhouse or other areas of your property to keep players and guests entertained.

Laguna Tables with Milano Dining Chairs
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We want to hear about your goals and challenges. Our design team can solve for your goals with a 3D site plan you’ll love — we might even discover new ways to increase occupancy and improve the flow.

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The difference is in the details. Sister Bay Outdoor Furniture is made from the purest-grade recycled plastic and will create a visually-stunning set up. Best of all, with our commercial warranty, you can ensure your furniture can be enjoyed for years to come.

Sister Bay Furniture Built to Last | Commercial Grade Quality

Aluminum Frame Reinforcements

Solid Core Material - 95% Pure Grade HDPE Recycled Plastic 

316 Marine Grade Hardware

Surface Area - Larger Contact with Ground

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outdoor dining area
Milano Dining Sets (White/Driftwood)
lounge set up
Featuring Hudson Modular Deep Seating, Rectangular Fire Table (Driftwood)
around the fire
Summit Chat Chairs around a Rectangular Fire Table (White/Driftwood)

rivalry pub

the club at lac la belle

The owners of the newly-opened Rivalry Pub partnered with Sister Bay Furniture in 2020 to enhance their outdoor patio to create a unique and safe dining and lounge experience.

After an initial site consultation, our design team put together a site plan with multiple branded Laguna Bar Tables and Maywood Bar Side Chairs that complimented the goal they set for the space. The new space gives fans a relaxed environment to watch games and interact with each other in a more open setting.


Sister Bay Furniture Co was very helpful with the layout and changes we made for our restaurant's front patio at Sandy Pines Golf Club. Quick response times, great pricing, and a beautiful product made decision making easy when ordering.
Laguna Dining Tables with Maywood Dining Chairs
Brad Bervan
Sandy pines golf club

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