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outdoor dining area
Bristol & Maywood Dining Sets (Light Gray)
gathering space
Bristol & Maywood Dining Sets and Laguna Bar Height Tables (Light Gray)
gathering space
Laguna Bar Height Tables with Stools (Light Gray)
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gathering space

walgreens corporate

What started as a request to help Walgreens with their waste collection challenges turned into a conversation about the importance they place on employee satisfaction. After learning about their functional waste challenges and overall corporate goals, we were able to provide a solution not only for their waste and recycling program, but came up with a plan to transform previously unused outdoor spaces into a gathering area for employees.

outdoor furniture for attractions

elevate your outdoor spaces

drive revenue

create unforgettable outdoor spaces

With Sister Bay Outdoor Furniture, we’re equipped to help entertainment facilities and attractions like yours transform underutilized spaces. Inviting spaces can keep guests at your establishment longer, allowing them to spend more money with you and increase the likelihood of future visits.

The difference is in the details. Discover how to power up your outdoor dining and gathering spaces around your facility or other areas of your property to keep guests refreshed and comfortable.

Design the Space
Render & Refine
optimize your space

consultative design

We want to hear about your goals and challenges. Our design team can solve for your goals with a 3D site plan you’ll love — we might even discover new ways to increase occupancy and improve the flow.

commercial grade

built like a tank

The difference is in the details. Sister Bay Outdoor Furniture is made from the purest-grade recycled plastic and will create a visually-stunning set up. Best of all, with our commercial warranty, you can ensure your furniture can be enjoyed for years to come.

Aluminum Frame Reinforcements

Solid Core Material - 95% Pure Grade HDPE Recycled Plastic 

316 Marine Grade Hardware

Surface Area - Larger Contact with Ground

case studies

Attractions furniture guide

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View our latest furniture guide for attractions and entertainment properties.

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Let’s work together and transform your outdoor gathering areas into an unforgettable experience. 
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