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We offer 14 standard color options and 5 Natural Wood Grains across all our collections. Select from single or two-tone color combinations

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What better way to show your personality than with color? Show your guests that they can expect an elegant, traditional experience or the most fun they’ve ever had! With our two-tone options, you can also mix and match any two colors or textures, giving you many different choices of your ideal furniture setup.

the mission to

1 billion

Since 1997, we have diverted approximately 230 million milk jugs from landfills and the oceans and are well on our way to one billion by 2030. Purchasing our furniture is not only a personal investment, but a promise to a healthy environment for future generations.

recycled plastic makes perfect sense

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Two-tone is a design aesthetic that can enhance a space by offering a varied, yet nuanced and collected look. This strategy can also give the different furniture pieces a more interesting feel, further complemented with cushion swatches to break up the color or create areas of focus.

Simply pair a slat color or texture with a trim color or texture. You can mix and match to your heart’s desire, creating a unique mid-century modern design or just a fun outdoor pool area with brightly-colored pieces.

crafted to renew your spirit,

and respect the planet.

There’s nothing more classic than the look of precious woods. Sister Bay brings you this timeless sophistication in a remarkably sustainable way. Instead of harvesting woods – like red cedar, pine, driftwood, birchwood and mahogany – we recreate their luxurious spirit with recycled dairy and detergent bottles. The result is superior quality poly lumber that doesn’t wind up in our nation’s overcrowded landfills.

Manufactured here in the United States, this low-maintenance wonder is transformed into beautiful, durable all-weather furniture that won’t splinter, fade, chip or rust. We’ll help to beautify your daily life while helping to preserve our environment for decades to come.