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The Prestwick Companies is a family of brands that not only serves its customers but its employees and the surrounding community. Across three companies and over 200 employees, we value a family environment within the organization and are motivated by a common set of values – all while working with a greater sense of purpose. We encourage all our employees to treat one another as people first and employees second. We recognize that small, daily actions can make a great impact on those around us.

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Our brands cover a wide variety of industries, from golf courses to health care to high-end retail. Read on to learn more about The Prestwick Companies’ strong family of brands.

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Prestwick Golf began in 1997, creating golf course accessories out of a 750 square foot facility in Nashotah, WI. A passion for the game of golf along with the help of a novel material, type-2 HDPE recycled plastic, launched a new business and created a family of brands.

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After 20 years, our greatest product is the family we’ve built. One of our core company values is to foster a familial environment where we work, laugh, and play alongside each other.

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